Frequently Asked Questions

What Is Coaching?

A coach is someone who provides guidance to a client on their goals and helps them reach their full potential.

Is Coaching a Type of Therapy?

Coaching can certainly feel like a therapeutic relationship. After all, you’re working one-on-one to solve your problems. But if you’re living with a mental health condition, also seek out the support of a therapist.

Who Hires a Life Coach?

Anyone can benefit from a life coach’s help and expertise. In particular, life coaching can assist creative individuals, businessmen and businesswomen, entrepreneurs, managers, actors, musicians, students, and many others.

How Can Galen Help Me?

I coach solopreneurs who are looking to remain motivated and shake the “stuck” feeling.

I coach couples and individuals who are survivors of domestic violence find power in their voice.

Free Consultation

Not sure you’re ready to commit? Let’ have a consultation and go over your needs and see if my coaching services would be a good fit for you.

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One-on-One Counseling

More about Coaching​

Who is the program designed for?​
What is in the program?​
Relationship Counselling​
Couple Communication Goal Setting​
Helping Solopreneurs Who Feel Stuck
Happiness Within Relationship​
Holistic Approach to Relationship Improvement​
Helping You Find Your Voice​
Married Life Counselling ​

What you will learn in your relationship coach training​

Happy Clients​

Packages & Pricing

Here at dopeattire2inspire Life Coach, LLC we have multiple coaching options to work with any client. If you need just one session every now and again, we have you covered. If you know you’d like to book at least 4-5 sessions, we have a discounted rate for you. We do not require a minimum here, nor do we lock you into a contract stating you have to take your sessions during a certain time frame or limit.

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