Empowerment Opportunity: Seeking Resilient Solopreneurs Ready for Transformation

1.     Aspiring or Current Solopreneur: Someone who is either already navigating the challenges of being a solopreneur or aspires to be one. This person should have a clear business idea or a venture they are passionate about, but feel stuck or overwhelmed in their journey.

2.     Experience with Domestic Violence: The candidate should have a history of overcoming domestic violence. This experience, while challenging, is crucial as it shapes their perspective and resilience. They should be at a stage where they are ready to heal and move forward.

3.     Seeking to Regain Their Voice: They must be in a phase of their life where they are ready to reclaim their power and voice, which they may feel was lost or diminished due to their past experiences.

4.     Committed to Personal Growth: The ideal candidate should be earnestly committed to personal development and growth. They should be open to learning, willing to step out of their comfort zone, and ready to embrace change.

5.     Ready for Guidance and Support: They should recognize the value of guidance and be open to receiving support. This includes being receptive to feedback, willing to engage in deep self-reflection, and ready to take constructive actions based on coaching.

6.     Goal-Oriented and Action-Driven: The candidate should have specific goals or a vision they want to achieve. They should be action-oriented, willing to put in the effort, and ready to take concrete steps towards their goals under your guidance.

7.     Resilience and Perseverance: Given their background, resilience and perseverance are key. They should demonstrate the ability to bounce back from setbacks and maintain a positive outlook in the face of challenges.

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