How to be happy in life?​

Building great relationships leads to an amazing life!​

My name is Galen J Cromartie! I I coach solopreneurs who are looking to remain motivated and shake the “stuck” feeling.
I coach couples and individuals who are survivors of domestic violence find power in their voice.

Are You A Solopreneur That Feel Stuck? Are You A Survivor Of Domestic Violence Who Needs To Find Their Voice?


Stuck Feeling

Are you a solopreneur who has the “stuck” feeling? Do you not know what to do next? To many ideas rolling around in your head ? Let’s talk!



Are you a survivor of domestic violence, still in a domestic violence relationship? What about in a relationship where you’re not being heard. I am here to help.


Communication Issues?

Is it hard for you to talk with your wife? Your girlfriend or boyfriend? What about friends and family? Let’s talk about it.



Are you stuck? Don’t know which direction to turn? Would rather play video games than work on your side hustle? Let’s have a talk and see if we can get you moving.

How I can help you be happier​



Let’s eliminate the “you” statements from the talks and focus on “I” statements.


Survivor’s Work

You’ve removed yourself from the situation, but what comes next? How do you move on after such a traumatic experience. I’m here to help.


Stuck Feeling

Lets formulate a plan of action, your top three goals and aspirations and build upon that.

Always life your authentic life
It’s always easier than trying to be
Someone else

Galen J Cromartie

About Me

Galen “G Baby” Cromartie is a wireless software engineer who lives in Charlotte, North Carolina. He was born and raised in Anderson, South Carolina and is a graduate of Tri-County Technical College with an associate’s degree in office system technology. He is also a graduate of Lander University with a bachelor’s degree in political science. Galen has a love for bowties, computers, mobile devices, and video games.

I’m a Coach Training Alliance Certified Relationship Coach. CTA Is An ICF Certified Academy. With over 20 client completed sessions I am experienced and ready to take on new clients.

Available Books​

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About Relationships​

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Happy Clients

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Fighting The Stuck Feeling

Relationship Goals

Work Life Balance

It’s Just Emotions

Take It A Step At A Time

An Eye-Opening Experience

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Ready To Transform Your Relationship?

Do you ever feel stuck?
Is it hard for you to speak up for yourself?
Are you scared of commitment?

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